Watch out! Mobile Gaming on the Rise!

It is confirmed!  Recent studies show that the mobile gaming is now dominating the billion dollar gaming industry.  In fact, mobile gaming industry earns as much as $33 billion last 2011.   Anywhere you go, you may find someone holding a Smart phone device like Android and iPhone.

Whenever and wherever you are, you can now play high quality and very entertaining games that fits into your pocket.  There are many factors that contributed to the success of the gaming industry.   Freemium games are now introduced into the market wherein games are given away as freebies while the developers can earn revenues from other sources.

The App Store also offers easier options for publishing while developers are given opportunity to create games in a low cost rate.  In addition, recent survey reveals that there are an increasing number of female mobile gamers that accounts for 53% of the mobile gamer are population.

There are many other mobile gaming surveys posted online that reports interesting facts about mobile gaming.  Here, you will have some of the interesting facts and figures about mobile gaming.

Have you heard of Angry Birds?  Did you know that this game was downloaded 140 million times by mobile gamers? A recent report by TechChrunch reveals that this game is closer to 300 million downloads!

Last 2010, the Mobile Gaming Industry is worth $33 billion and almost $3.1 million worth of music was downloaded on mobile devices.


By 2015, it is expected that the mobile gaming industry will earn around $54 Billion.


Almost 81% of mobile downloads are given for free.


51% of the top 25 grossing games are also given as freebies at the App Store.


Want to have more statistical information? You may visit the infographic created by Geekaphone at

What you Need to Know about Mobile Casinos

Are you fond of playing casino games? Did you know that almost all of your favorite casino games have a mobile game counterpart?  Mobile casinos are now very popular and it is considered as one of the flourishing industry in mobile devices.

The great thing about mobile casinos is that it is readily available on Smart phones and tablets.  If you have iPad, Android, Iphone and other kinds of mobile devices having an internet connection, you can easily play this game.  As a matter of fact, the mobile casino games have already earned a billion dollar revenue and it is still expected to increase for approximately 25% in the coming years.

It is interesting to note that there are many games that are found in gambling houses that can also be found on mobile casinos.  The popular gambling games like keno, video poker, blackjack, bingo games, slot games, poker and roulette have a mobile counterpart.  Web developers have created and develop various programs to cater the growing needs of mobile casino games.

If you want to play mobile casino games, all you need to do is download the game application and install it on your mobile device.  Most of these mobile games are free or are readily installed in your device.  You can also play it for free in the play mode, if you want to master your skills in gambling and or orient yourself with the strategies of the mobile casino games.

There are even some companies that offer rewards and loyalty program for their members and subscribers.  Those who were able to earn ranking and points for their mobile gaming or betting activity can exchange these for a premium membership or to gain access to higher gambling stakes.  This is to encourage mobile casino games to put more time in playing so they can gain more loyalty points.

The loyalty points or prizes depend on the betting service offered by a mobile company.   Some may offer free services while others may gamble depending on their available funds.  Others requires player to gain a particular status before they will be allowed to play higher gambling stakes.

The terms of mobile casino games depends on the company that develops the software.  Some may give better payouts and odds compared with others.  Thus, it is best to get more information on every mobile casino games so you can find which one is suitable for you and you will enjoy more.

Why Mobile Casino Games are Popular?

Did you ever wondered why, more and more people today are playing mobile casino games?  Casino games is one of the most exciting and popular entertainment worldwide.   As we all know, a city like Las Vegas, Nevada has millions of tourists a year because of their wide selections of casinos.  The great thing about Casino game is that it has a special way of bringing out the adrenalin rush of every player.  Thus, it is not surprising to note that high-dollar game like Blackjack has a mobile game counterpart.

With the development of the mobile platform, the fun and excitement from the actual casinos can now be taken into your own mobile device.  In fact, there are a number of popular mobile casino games that are now available in different mobile outlets.  You can find that almost all online gambling games have a mobile counterpart like the famous Casino Slots, Roulette, and Blackjack.

The popularity of the mobile casino games can be attributed to the fact that these games are a great alternative for the traditional casino games.  Obviously, you don’t need to go out and look for a casino if you feel like playing.  With your mobile device you can satisfy your need of playing a casino game.  This is also beneficial for people who are living far from gambling house or casinos because they don’t need to drive too far, just to experience playing the game.

Moreover, mobile gaming offers more convenience because gamers don’t need to spend their entire day or night in the casinos.   The nature of casinos requires player to stay whole night or day because of the gaming hours.  Unlike with mobile gamers where they can play only at least 15 to 20 minutes a day just to fill up the gaps of their vacant time.

The mobile games have also the same excitement and adrenalin rush as with the traditional casino games.  The game format is similar with the traditional casinos; the only difference is that you are using your mobile device.  The other adjustment is that you are using a digital format in playing the game.

The advancement in the 21st century has paved way for a lot of great changes.  A lot of things are moving into the digital world.  Even the traditional casino games is now made digital with the presence of mobile casinos.

Three Trends in Mobile Gaming to Watch-out For

The key indicator of the growth in the mobile gaming industry is the continuous and healthy developments of new games.     Famous game developers and some budding independent game developers are continuously creating quality and unique game apps to cater the needs of their niche market.  Here in this article, the three trends in mobile gaming to watch out for will be explore, so you can see the current trend of mobile gaming nowadays.

Use of HTML5 versus the Apps as the Future Game Platform

The President and CTO of MocoSpace, Jamie Hall pointed out that HTML 5 will be the next in line to prime time gaming.  Those who wants to have a gaming experience that is browser based will expect to have bigger developments.  There are lots of gaming developers that are looking into the potential of HTML5 and the criterion behind it as a means to solve the increasing problems of platform fragmentation and mobile device.  Moreover, the flooding of too many mobile apps in the store poses more challenge and it is becoming more expensive.

Thus, there are some game developers who are creating games using WebGL 1.0 Specification that allows 3D hardware-accelerated graphics in web browsers that are compatible with HTML5, without involving plug-ins.  This development proves that HTML5 brings an app-like and rich design that provides more interactivity to the users of mobile web.  Since, more people are consuming mobile content, it is expected that there will be more games developed using HTML5.  Even the high profile and popular developers like Zynga and EA are already into this option.

Android Still Rules the Mobile Industry despite IPad2

Though, iPad is one of the most popular mobile gadgets, there are still lots of Android developers that offer competitive mobile phones.  Android wagon is composed of Unity Technologies, Sony Erickson, Motorola, Nexus and more.  There are more upcoming Android devices that promise great and advanced features that mobile consumers will surely enjoy. Without a doubt, Android still continues to leverage its device adoption as well as integrating the gaming platform.  Google is also expected to invest more in mobile gaming and make some big move to win the market.

Mobile and Social Gaming

It is also obvious that there is a growing need for integrating both mobile gaming and social gaming.  Even major developers of PC games are now exploring and moving to social gaming.  Even high profile game developers are stressing the importance of integrating the social interaction on game development.  The integration of social gaming on mobile gaming creates more potential to encourage more people to play the game unlike with the old gaming platform.

These are just the many of the things to look forward to in mobile gaming.  Game Developers are working very hard to find new and more advance features to dominate their niche market.   For sure, mobile users will expect more exciting developments in the coming days.

The Current Trends in Mobile Gaming

Without a doubt, mobile gaming industry is one of the most popular and sought after by most consumers nowadays.  With the growth of Smartphone, Android, iPod, and other kinds of hi-tech mobile devices, more and more people are exploring the Game apps, among other mobile apps.  With this, there is a high demand for mobile games particularly that all most all people are keeping their mobiles handy to keep them busy while waiting for a train or someone for appointment or just to kill their time when they are bored to death.

In lieu of this, the Distimo Publication conducted a research regarding the mobile gaming trends and its monetization, pricing and popularity.  Here the highlight of the report will be discussed to give you an idea, why mobile gaming holds the record of one of the promising industry that now boast a billion dollar revenue.

The study was conducted last June 2011 to study the mobile gaming trends in the United States.  It covers all the popular App stores such as Palm App Catalog, Windows Phone 7, Novia  Ovi Store, Google Android Market, Getjar, Blackberry App World, Apple Mac App Store, iPhone Apple App Store and iPad Apple App Store.  The findings reveals that the average price of for sale games declined by around 28% last 2010, but the revenue accumulated by the smash hits freemium games increase more than ten times particularly in the iphone Apple App Store.

The success of the in-app purchases in terms of monetization and popularity can be attributed with the presence of the virtual currencies in the games. Among 300 of the most popular and sought after games, 35% of which uses virtual currencies for monetization of the iPhone Apple App Store.  Moreover, among the 300 highest paid applications, 72% of which are downloaded for games app while the other 28% are for other applications than the games, which holds true in iPhone Apple App Store.

It is interesting to note that the total revenue accumulated by the highest grossing games increased around 79% every year as reported by the Apple App Store for their iPhone users.  There are also only a few number of game publishers that dominates the entire game download.  All in all there are around ten publishers that accounts for half of the popular downloads  among the 300 most sought after paid games in iphone’s Apple App Store.

In spite of the popularity and fame of mobile games, there are other stores wherein other applications are more popular than the games.  But for Apple App Store for iPod and iphone and for GetJar, game apps dominate other applications.  Thus, it is interesting to note that the increase of researches and publications to study the trend of mobile gaming clearly shows that the industry is becoming more in demand and an in-depth analysis will help determine the needs of the market and how the game developers can address this need.

Why Mobile Gaming is Everyone’s Agenda?

Mobile gaming is on everyone’s day to day program.  There are lots of reasons why many people are addicted in mobile gaming.  A recent study conducted by Newzoo last 2011 reveals that total amount of Americans who are playing games on iPod Touch or tablet and or Smartphone now exceeded a 100 million spot.  This means that there is a yearly increase of 35% in the use of mobile gaming.  In Europe, there is a growth of almost 15% which totals around 70 million mobile gamers.

It is interesting to note that in United States, men a little bit outnumbered women in mobile gaming which got a 52% mark while in European countries around 55%.  The growth rate when it comes to the money and time spent is also significantly higher.  This can be attributed to the fact that there are more and more users of tablet and Smartphone.  Moreover, the other key reasons why mobile gaming is on its peak is because, there are increase of in-game purchases for free games, Smartphone and tablets are both creating their own target and niche market and the popularity of the “mid-core” games.

Newzoo also interestingly point out that last 2011, the mobile gaming got 13% of all the time spent on gaming across the globe.  This means that people around the world spends 130 million hours per day in mobile gaming.  The 9% of the total amount of money spent on gaming has a gross amount of $5.8 billion.

There are also other interesting facts about mobile gaming that makes it one of the most successful and promising industry in the years to come.  In United States alone there are 21 million gamers are using tablet.  There are around 4.2 million of iOS games are being downloaded every day in the U.S. and 2.4 million downloads in the EU territories.  The highest mobile gamers who are spending money are in Asia which gains a rating of 47% followed by US with 36%.

Without a doubt, mobile gaming industry is on its way for bigger return of revenues in the coming years.  With more and more people switching in to Smartphone’s and iPod Touch, the demand for mobile gaming will surely increase.  This is a challenge for game developers to create addictive, comical or action packed games to target their niche market.


Five Trends to Watch Out for with Mobile Gaming

In the recently published Mintel’s report, they reveal the current trends of mobile gaming industry in the United States.    They conducted a study to determine the consumer behavior and attitudes of U.S. mobile users with regards to mobile gaming.  The study was able to identify five trends that people should watch out for in the years to come.

 The Potential of Freemium Model

When it comes to mobile game marketing, the biggest challenge for marketers is to determine which of the revenue models to use such as the one-time payment for full-featured app, ad-supported or free, and or the free download with an in-app options for purchase or also known as freemium.

The report stresses out that the prospective income for the freemium apps prevail over the paid apps.   In freemium model the app is offered free to use and the user can enjoy the game as well, or they can enhance the game by purchasing additional virtual commodities.  This commodities or in-app purchases may include levels for game play, powers, enhancements and additional characters.

A paid game may also generate income from their sale price of $.0.99 to $2.99 but the freemium games can earn better in the longer run because of its great potential on ongoing revenue from the in-app purchases.

Nevertheless, paid games presently rule the mobile gaming industry.  It already jumpstart it’s earning of up to 92.5% of the entire revenue of mobile gaming last 2010, based from the survey conducted by emarketer.  Alternatively, the ad-supported and free games are predicted to have around 12.3% growth by 2014.  Since, ad-supported games have little potential for revenue compared with the freemium apps; it is common for some publishers to look into freemium space so they can increase their revenue.  In the coming years, experts predict that freemium apps and paid apps will be balanced in the future.

Tablet Owners Play and Download more Games

The research conducted by Mintel reveals that 38% of gamers using tablet plays over five hours in a week and only around 20% of mobile users plays uses games that much.  The tablet owners also download more free and paid games.   This may be because tablet devices offers larger sizes for the screen and offers a better computing power.  It is also portable so it is a convenient way for gaming compared with other mobile devices.

Experts also predicts that the sales of tablet will still grow from a 10.3 million tablet units up to 44 million tablet units by 2015.  This growth drives the mobile gaming industry to produce more mobile games to reach the demand of its growing users.

The 2011 gaming revenue reveals that console games still rules because it got 75% of the entire gaming revenue then followed by the online gaming, PC games and the mobile gaming.

Mobile Users Hunger after Social and Multiplayer Features

Mobile consumers are very much interested to games that are integrating the components of social networking.  Mobile users love multiplayer games because of its social and competitive aspects.  Even if it is on a digital medium, multiplayer and social features denotes human interaction.  Young and old, knows Facebook, texting, instant messaging, internet and computers and almost everyone wants to connect even in gaming.

There are also a lot of mobile gaming developments that forecast more advances in the social features.  The Game Center which is a gaming social network launched by Apple last September 2010, allows games to compete and follow the leader boards,  The OpenFeint allows Android and iOS gamers to play this platform.

The huge success of multiplayer games like Words with Friends also encourages player to enjoy mobile gaming with their friends.

Word of Mouth paves way for more Game Downloads

The report conducted by Mintel shows that most mobile games says that they learn about any new games from their family and friends.  In fact, 50% of game playing adult usually got this information from their social network.  Even in App Stores, around 40% of users get the new games from the user reviews, rankings and hot lists that are highlighted, whereas 25% of adults learn the latest mobile games through social media networks.

Other than these methods, well-trafficked sites for mobile gaming that features review games also help in promoting the site.  This is usually done if there are new chronicle releases and then they publish some tips and codes.

Thus, it is very important for publishers and game firms to focus and determine how to have a visible distribution of app store by gaining more coverage on mobile gaming websites and working on for more presence in social media sites.

Mobile Gaming Hits May Appear from Anywhere

Though, the most popular and highest ranking mobile game creators and publishers in terms of revenue are the Glu Mobile, GameLoft and EA mobile, there are also a lot of independent developers of mobile gaming that were able to make it big in the industry.  Angry Birds which was released by Rovio’s was recognized as the most downloaded and mainstream game by Apple’s App store last 2010.  By, June Angry Birds reached 1 million app downloads in a day!

This just proves that when innovative ideas come into play even smaller game developer can have a smash hit!

The Trend in Mobile Gaming Industry


Thanks to the continued patronage of app downloads, increase in internet mobile subscribers, tablet sales and Smartphone sales,  the mobile gaming industry has boomed in its full peak in just a couple of years.  This boils down to the fact that mobile gaming industry has a bright future and will surely become a billion dollar business in the years to come.

The recently conducted market research by Mintel firm revolves around the mobile gaming business in the United States.  The report looks into the current attitudes and consumption behavior of Americans to mobile gaming.

It is interesting to note that the outcome of the numbers is remarkable.  In fact, the tablet and mobile phone gaming sales reached $898 million last 2010 in the United States.  It revenue doubled since 2005.  Mintel also point out fearless forecasts that by 2015 the revenues are expected to reach $1.6 billion!

This forecast was also substantiating by the eMarketer’s report that the revenues for mobile gaming on 2014 could reach $1.5 billion.  The continues improvement of game development and mobile devices coupled with the increase in the tablet market and Smartphone sales, the mobile business will be a huge success and will continue to do so in the next years to come.


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